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February 16, 2007


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Steve Jobs is well known for being an advance thinker. He usually spots trends before other people do.

So, do you think he's ahead of the curve here, or is he just feeling lots of pressure and responding in a way that will make him LOOK like he's ahead of the curve.

I'm also wondering why, if it's true that Jobs is profiting from DBM, he would do away with it unless he had no choice.

Brandon Leonard

I agree that Jobs is an advanced thinker. There are many opinions on why he is doing what he is doing now.

Personally, I think Jobs profits from stocks continuing to rise. So, if DRM is going to keep stocks up, he's all for it.

Also, I think he sees the interest from consumers to move to a more compatible marketplace where better deals can be found on music and video. At the same time, he has to consider the pressure of professional music labels to protect their product.

In short, Jobs has to walk a thin line to be loyal to labels and consumers.

I'm glad I'm not him.


Thanks for the link. You've got a really sharp blog here. I think the iSystem is simple and elegant and that if they open it up it could become harder for the non-tech savy (mom). However it's possible that Apple has reached a saturation point where the DRM is no longer necessary as a crutch (that they used to build their monopoly).

But Apple doesn't make money on the sale of their music so selling more music isn't the companies goal unless it equates selling more iPod.

I don't know what any of this means.

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