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April 09, 2007


Ruth Lang

Interesting post. I think the college defintely predetermined how they would act in a situation like this and that's what they did.

I do happen to know that the 2,000 students the college is hosting are all from Christian schools for a national "Fine Arts Competition" in preaching, teaching, playing instruments, art, etc. I acutally was a student that went there two years in a row. I competed in essay contests and the brass solo competition with my trombone for the state of West Virginia. Several members from my alma mater are actually there this week representing the school. I would say that, yes, having 2,000 students interrupts a normal week, but from my experience it is only slightly. They never seemed to be bothered by it. (Well, they might have seethed on the inside while we slept in their dorm rooms and ate in their cafeteria for a week, but who knows.) Anyway, my point here is that they support other Christian school students, clearly they don't support discussion of homosexuality in any way, shape, or form. That's their prerogative. Do they have that right? Yes. Should they have been that blatant about it? Probably not. But at least the school is being consistent in their thinking and acting. God will judge their actions.

Honestly, I would be interested in hearing what all the students think of all this.

Brandon Leonard

The different perspectives of the student body could have been presented in a newspaper story, but BJU closed off its campus and told its students to avoid Soulforce. In effect, it stifled any dialog between the two parties.

I would have like to have seen the differing opinions among the BJU student body too. Do they match with the intra-denomination separations nationally?

It would have been huge for BJU to host a forum inviting student representatives from the differing Christian perspectives to speak, including one of their.

I think it is unfortunate BJU didn't make more of the opportunity.

Do they have the right? Of course, they are a private university.

Did they make the best decision? I don't think so.

David G. Mills

Bob Jones University has been around for over 100 years. BJU was first in the Florida Panhandle, than TN, and now Greenville, SC.

Bob Jones University was not going to waste it's time, and give credibilty or more press to this organization.

The fact that BJU is 100% private, they can do what they want. The SCHOOL takes zero government money.

What was going to be accomplished from having this group on campus? BJU was not all of a sudden going to shout, "Homosexuality is ok," and the group was not going to give up being gay. "Time WASTED AVOIDED".

This group would have just used everything BJU had to say, in their quest to gain further publicity.

BJU & Conservative Christians are called bigots, and other vile names, if we don't condone, accept, etc. homosexuality, transgender, lesbians, etc.

We believe it to be a sin. We do not like the sin (or any other sin), but we are still commanded to "love the sinner".

To love the sinner, does not mean to accept their lifestyle choice.

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