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June 08, 2007



I've been following this a bit and I was wondering why Fox news has been dedicating a lot of air time to Venezuala and its issues, whereas it's sort of just a blip on the radar for CNN, BBC, etc. Potts, would you happen to know anything about that? just wondering. that's really interesting that they've gone youtube, though.


Since Fox News has generally been supportive of the Bush administration, Chavez makes Fox News nervous, for several reasons.

First, he's the self-proclaimed leader of the "New Left" in Latin America. Where a decade ago, the region was moving to the political right, it is now definitely going left. And Chavez wants to be the face of that movement -- the new Fidel Castro. Chavez, however, has never supported communism, only socialism.

Next, Venezuela is the second largest provider of oil to the U.S (Canada is our biggest provider). If U.S.-Venezuelan relations take a really negative turn, it could affect that supply chain, which would drive the price of gas into the stratosphere.

Chavez is also a bona fide U.S. hater -- well, he's mostly a Bush-hater. He's an extremely vocal critic. And Chavez has maintained a very hard line opposing U.S. policies in Latin America for years.

But the truth is that any of those reasons would also be good reasons for CNN or whoever to cover Chavez, too. So, who knows?

For my part, I don't care why Fox News is paying attention to Chavez. I'm just glad someone is paying attention! If Chavez succeeds in getting the domestic news media to rediscover international news, then great!

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