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October 11, 2007



I'm not so torn up that many students haven't heard of 'WoodStein' until their j-profs tell them.

It's a critical piece of history, that's certain. But college is exactly about finding out about all those things you should have known, and then knowing them! (And then rubbing that in the faces of the next generation, when it's your turn to do so.)

I can think of plenty of things I 'should have' known, even still in my own specialty, that I wouldn't have known if others hadn't tipped me off.

So, it's not the ignorance itself that worries me. It's what creates the ignorance: general dislike of history (30 years ago is ancient, irrelevant history) changing reading habits, entertainment addiction, etc.

Mindy Cioffi

Again, great article. I love how you put your heart and soul into everything that you write...whether you are covering a huge event, similar to the Watergate scandal, or just a grand opening of the newest discount store in little 'ole Nowheresville, USA. You have always had that curiosity and the drive to find out answers and the evidence to back those answers up. "Why" has always been an important word in your vocabulary and now that you have grown and are making your way through this crazy thing called life, the word "Why" is the backbone of who you are. Finding out the why's of the world and sharing those answers with those around you, and sharing your passion for life is an amazing talent of yours and is what makes you stand out from the "pack". Where ever your heart and God may lead you in life, I have NO doubt that you are going to be an awesome reporter and anywhere that you may go after your graduation, will be extremely lucky to have you!!

Amanda Lillie

I'm just going to throw this out there...but I am EXTREMELY jealous that you were at that panel discussion...

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