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February 15, 2008


Sarah McBroom

Kippy, you wouldn't believe what it looks like now. All of Hurt and Watters is completely gone. They bulldozed everything down. You can see the Bell Tower, Jennings and White Hall from Wright in McAfee- a view we've never had before...

Now, where Hurt and Watters once stood, there is a large dirt field....

The day after the tornado hit, I was waiting with my roommates and friends to get back on campus and this guy asked us why we were wearing short sleeves and didn't have any coats...

Well, mister, when you're campus is struck by an EF-4 tornado, you don't really have time to go back in and get the essentials....


It's so good to be back on campus with friends and fellow classmates, but Union is not the same school we once knew....

Miss you. Hope D.C. is treating you well.

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