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March 25, 2008


Michael Farr

Wince? More like cheer! Closer we are to the rapture, the closer we are to taking off! And do you really think it's possible for anyone to advance the end of the world? A bit out of our hands I'd have to say.

Plus, the Left Behind series isn't exactly the Bible.

Another thing--maybe you should get back to work instead of writing million word long blog posts that aren't even news analyzes :p

With love,



What? Christians are not scared of technology, and we don't think that as technology advances the rapture gets closer. We believe that the rapture will happen at any given time and no man knows the hour, day, or year it will occur. What we do know is that the Bible is explicit about the mark of the beast being put in the right hand or the forehead, and people may laugh at us now, but the day will come when the world will wish that christians were here to comfort them once we are raptured out of here and God's wrath starts to plague the world. I'm curious, are you ready for the rapture? technology has nothing to do with Jesus' return, but our faith in his word will have us prepared no matter what.

Sincerely, edst

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