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September 09, 2008


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Bridget Smith

I vote for team two. Nice job everyone! Wow that brought back memories. Can I come back now, pleeeeeease?

Matthew Cawvey

I go with team two. After all, you had the sound for the "Step back, doors closing."


All were well done. Hard assignment, but I like the titanic rendition, etc. in the second one. I vote for team two.


I agree with these people. The middle one is probably the best thing I've ever seen in the history of ever.


Emily M.

I didn't see any credit or reference to the music selected for the songs in the video (while many of the videos didn't do this, video two holds the most significance offense.)


Melissa N.

Fun assignment! My vote is for the second video.

Harrison Keely

I liked the quick randomness of video one with the beautiful Apple music to compliment. While the other teams were certainly creative, I felt that the brevity combined with an upbeat sense of fun made number one stand out.

Kristi Moore

I'm gonna go with video 2.


Scavenger hunts as bonding rituals! Slow walking, blisters forming, sweat dripping, map confusion, metro caving. You ALL brought back GREAT memories. Kudos to Team 2 for the "finish" to their product--the names and titles and action.

See you Friday!

Brittani Hamm

Clearly you all had a lot of fun with this, but I have to go with... TEAM 2! Tmatt- it looks like you're going to have a fun group this semester.

Tracey Wangler

I vote team two! WoW that brings back such great memories! I miss D.C. so much. You better treasure it.. it goes by in the blink of an eye. how bout you flight fall 2007 WJCers back now Tmatt???


Team Two, for editing and font choices. Also, for some wit.

(Props to all the teams for their music selections, however. Really liked some of Team Three's photography as well.)


I'll also vote for Team 2.

Welcome to D.C.!


Definitely Team 2. Though I have fond memories of both Ben's Chili Bowl and the Supreme Court breakfast. Now, who can find the hidden Cuban Friendship Urn, that's my question....


Okay, I hate to be unoriginal, but team 2 did a good job.

Chris Moody

My vote goes to Team Two for:

1) Not shaking the camera like you're shooting the DC version of The Blair Witch Project
2) Great opening song
3)Standing on the right

Kudos to team three for the cool photography

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