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September 11, 2009


Right On Sis, really nice article! Man,this article truly proves that Dodgers are truly your type of blood. Type Blue D' lol. I am surprised that they sold crab cakes there.... and i'm not surprised that they were a bit pricey. I believe that everything at a stadium is overpriced, but a dodger dog is always on the money =) no doubt.

As far as the train rides, it's a bit scary huh!? I rode the metro in S.F and that was a bit scary too, loud, fast and nothing could stop it once it starts.. Thank God we are in his hand when we travel any where anytime.

I am really happy that you found someone as your teacher to take all of you to the game that is really coo' and super cool that you were able to get a discount for tickets! how cool is that??

I'm glad that you enjoyed your time there, that is really what is all about, go and enjoy all you do when you are somewhere different.

I hope to hear more of your exciting trips and clever stories that happen as you go. This is a very vivid way of explaining all you do, I could picture in my head an Orange Wave by the fans at the game, a weak one though ha ha ha, A true wave is always blue! just like the sea!

love ya' Sis, happy to have read this, I thinnk I'll wear my dodger blue colors today and be proud of our team =)

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