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September 02, 2009



I vote for Group 3. They seemed to have a ton of fun and did a lot with the video! Just entertaining to watch.


#3 - Bold move playing the gunshot song in Ford's theatre...too soon? Nah... "Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, did you enjoy the play?"...

#2 - Way to be different and use Vimeo. Fight the man.

#1 - Is there an Auzzie in the house, or is someone a great impersonator?

I vote #1.


I'm going to go with #3, even though I think they got their FDR bit wrong. Isn't the "nod to the power of one form of mass media" referring to the part of the memorial with FDR's radio fireside chats? Just a thought. Great job all three, though!

(By the way, the "gunshot song", Moody, would be M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes. JSYK. It made an appearance in my group's video last fall. It should be noted that it too was the choice of the people as well. Great minds...)

Natalie Lester

I vote #1! I loved the Jeff Corwin impersonation with the squirrel and I'm glad they struggled with the plane landing, too!

Also, COMPLETELY agree with Moody about the gunshot song in Ford's Theatre.

Tim Ellsworth

Gotta go with my fellow Unionites Angela and Jordan in #1.

Greg Wiese

First let me say that I got through all these videos before I realized I was wearing my WJC shirt, which startled me.

I could say a lot about all these videos, they were all a blast to watch. But I am going to have to vote group #3. They had fun; they had a wide-range of music that roused me to dancing/social action; and they had an optional blooper reel.

Nice Work!


#1-I liked the Aussie ascent but then the ranger in my says...don't feed the squirrels!

#2-not to shabby, got a little lost with the constant color changes and running down stairs montage.

#3- I think Thriller sold me on this one. And I liked the comment about the drinking fountain. Great soundtrack btw. Little lost on the pilgrims...Fact check!

Going to go with TRES! #3!

Rob Gutierrez

Matt Strayer and Rob Gutierrez vote for Team Three! The first one gets honorable mentions for use of DC wildlife.


I vote for #3. They were by far the best.


All were pretty good. Three loses points for Thriller but gains them back for Bob Dylan, haha.

I'm thinking three.


Mr. Tim Devaney, you can't vote on this as you are not an alum, and you also have stake in this.



Jeffrey Canning

I'm going to have to go with group three as well. Thriller solidified my choice. Since you had to go to the Supreme Court, I hope you tried the water fountains there. If not go back and try it. You can taste the justice!

Ashley Gipson

I go with #3. The first one sounded a little too familiar. Did they even WATCH past videos!?


I vote for number 3 for their use of M.I.A, Bob Dylan and a redheaded child.

Jessica Shumaker

So, did team three make it to the Titanic memorial? It's kind of hard to find and not well known, but I'm pretty sure I'll remember it forever thanks to my scavenger hunt experience!

I vote for three anyways, even if they didn't make it. Nice video.

Also, I liked team one's use of Yael Naim. :)

Mimi Perreault

I vote for number one. I love the inclusion of the remember the Titans stuff. The squirl act was wonderful. Very creative use of music.
However I liked the whole supreme court setting off the alarms thing.


I vote for team one! Chasing the squirrel around was pretty funny. I think Team three used music the best in their video and should win an award for that.


Group one - sorry, but I HATE the new soul song, super painful to have to listen to and - well, the rest was creative, but that whole painful have to listen to Yael Naim thing really did me in.

Group three - LOVED it! Loved the music (not that it matters, but the first time we went out dancing in dc M.I.A was the first song that came on - again, not that it matters). That said - since zack and I were on the winning team last year together, I figure I will stick with him and vote for three. I also hate to agree with Chris Moody, nothing personal. Also, kind of thought cheating Tim was funny, and he tipped the scale for me.

Sue "the fast walker" Atkins

I'm looking forward to meeting ALL of you in just one week! Each group had its moments, squirrels (they don't speak Aussie), quiet cathedral moments, stalking Fred Barnes, tension within stairwell and on stairway. Lots of good visuals and great moments--very creative all 3. (I can't vote since Kimi is one of my PLNU students!).
See you soon.

Rachelle Brown

Team California (aka Rachelle AND Karin) would like to cast our votes for team 3. However, we would also like to note that team 3 won last semester too. Greg and Terry, we are conjecturing that team 3 has better material to work with.

And Mandi, you WOULD vote for something because of a redheaded child. We particularly liked the tasteless song choice.


As an ASP-er, I know my vote doesn't count. But that's ok, because you are all winners in my book!


These were all great! It was hard to choose my favorite, but I am picking #3. Looks like you all had a lot of fun! :-)

Peter (Personal secretary to Sue) Atkins

No. 1 with the Aussie accented announcer. Was it that bad? Actually quite good in parts, although I detected a hint of South African in its flavor. However, a lack of pharyngeal air expulsion, which gives the antipodean language its distinctive character, suggests the voice was fake. Of course, all that is irrelevant when you are talking to a rodent!

Participants in No. 2 need not apply to the CIA for a career. Missing the sign for the Deli's opening hours -- twice! And falling for the old trick of going through a weighted door and allowing it to close and lock behind you! Oh dear. America's future security relies on you.

No.3. The descent of the "Exorcist Stairs" simply was not scary enough. It was taken way too lightly. A follow-up visit to a priest ought to have been in order for authenticity. (A Greek Orthodox priest perhaps).


#3 :)

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