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October 02, 2009


Jessica Shumaker

Aw, that's rough. Some days are just like that. Hopefully your next shift will be more exciting and you'll get a solid story.

Linda C.

I think that's what one would call "charater building" or a "life lesson." Either way sounded like a difficult couple of days! Some days you win and some days, well, you learn by life's hard knocks!!! Keep on trying!

Jordan Buie

Well, there's one thing you might have picked up here, rather than the fact you might be considered the grim reaper of daily news. You wrote a really good blog about what happened to you. It was entertaining, and despite your poor circumstances, I wanted to know what happened next. Keep in mind, sometimes stories are not always about uncovering the new, sometimes they simply document uniquely those things which are viewed as common and unimportant, and shed the light of a new perspective on an old subject. Maybe that's your calling, who knows?

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