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November 02, 2009


There is a long list of neighborhood blogs in DC, more than 40. A few years ago there were less than dozen. The pace of growth and reader interest isn't slowing down and the bloggers, as well as the commenters, are gaining sophistication. They are learning from each other. A new local media is creating itself. This development will happen over a period of years.

Few local blogger have advertising. For many the blog is a hobby. They may not know how to approach local merchants about ads and how to price and place the ads. But their ability to make money has no bearing on their growing importance.

Many neighborhood blogs provide active forums for neighborhood discussion and details of news of consequence to their readers. They are successful publications.

What's needed are agencies that can provider advertising services that connect local bloggers with local advertisers. Services that can solicit the advertisers, provide contracting and pricing services, design services when needed, technical advice on ad placement.

The local bloggers have the readers and they are building local online communities, and news gathering expertise. What they don't have is business expertise.

A future business model, I believe, will be an outsourced model. The content providers will get advertising and services from third parties that will create bridges DC's businesses.

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