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January 20, 2010


Mimi Perreault

I vote for team 1. I loved it : ) Mimi


My vote's gotta go to Team #2. The "Ben's Chili Place" comment put me over the edge... couldn't stop laughing. Great work, WJC-ers.


I'm going with three, for it's brevity. And for whomever that was reading "The Onion" at dinner (while eating onion rings!). I did find it...interesting...that team one picked "Jai Ho" as its ethnic music, though. You know, Indian, Ethiopian...close enough.

Elizabeth Wood

First of all, they were all great! I always love watching WJC videos because memories flood back to me! My vote goes to Team 1! Great job to all of you.


Best video moment: the girl doing the tong dance behind the counter at Ben's.

Best video: Team Three's, for using a single, non-distracting music track behind their final piece, heeding the revered journalistic tradition of "edit, edit, edit" and avoiding animated type. Also, for the gusto with which that blonde girl ate her onion ring.

Lauren Foggy

I vote for team 1;) Good job guys! Your hard work payed off!


Team 3...short yet great music.


All were good. I think I'm going with 3. I'm impressed with your conciseness. (yes, it's a word, I looked it up.)

Jessica Shumaker

My vote is for #1. "Illinois, the corrupt state" made me laugh out loud. Also, it looked like you trekked way out for Douglass' house...and he also lived on Capitol Hill. Much closer. :)


I vote for team #1!! Great job guys! Kudos on the song choices. (I especially liked that you used the Pussycat Dolls remix of "Jai Ho" in your video. Nice touch.)

Hey Tmatt and Greg, are you guys sick of that Paper Planes song yet? I feel like a team has used that song in their video every single semester!

Natalie Lester

Team three from me!!


Team 3

Because of the look on Jurgen's face when someone asks him, "Do we know where we're going this time?"

And it's just generally pleasant.


Choosing the best one gets harder every semester; they were all really good! But, I have to go with Team 3 :-).


I'm impressed with how all the teams found so many of the places/things they were supposed to find. I have to go with Team One. You did a fantastic job.
Congrats, WJCers!


Justine Carter and Cat Snyder from American Studies and I vote for team 3!!!

Btw, is there a curse on team 2 videos? because I remember Cindy's team continually getting lost too...

Cindy Ortiz

Kimi, a little bit of slack. Please. Respect the "delayed" teams... haha..
Team 1: Grrrreat Music and soo creative!
Team 2: I totally understand your pain. Great Job, though!!
Team 3: You guys make it look soooo easy!! haha.. Awesome Job.

I have to vote for TEAM 1. SOO CREATIVE, nice background music & good team work! ;D

Aimee Goodwin

My vote goes to Team 1 for its artistic touch and good use of music. I wish we'd had video cameras during SIJ in 2003.

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