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September 01, 2010



I vote 3

Elizabeth Wood

My vote goes to Team 2! That particular scavenger hunt brought back a lot of memories! Hope you all had FUN!

Cindy Ortiz

TEAM 3! ! ! haha... reminds me of getting locked in the Watergate staircase for our scavenger hunt!

Kimi Kruesi

Team 3!

Jeffrey Canning

Team 3. Need to have Rose do her Sarah Palin impressions for them. "John McCain is a Maverick!"

Sari H.

I'm gonna go for TEAM 2! Great job ya'll! I do have to say though...Keep wearing that Dr. Pepper t-shirt, Andrew, mention Howard Kurtz a lot and make lots of good research folders and Terry is sure to give you an A :)

Props to Team 1 for already hating on tourists (er, all the "conservatives" in the Natural History Museum).

And Team 3, love the "watergate."

Have a great semester, everyone!!


Can I cast my vote at the Spaghetti Party?

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