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October 26, 2010


Jenna DeWitt

Aw, sounds cool to be so famous. Ya, it takes a while to get to Georgetown from anywhere. lol
I am a former Georgetowner/Downtowner intern myself and just stumbled across this while looking up some info for a friend.
How is the internship going? Getting enough Georgetown Cupcakes? lol

Tell Siobhan and Sonya I said "Hi!"

Jenna DeWitt

Rebekah Richards

Oh my gosh how funny!!! Interning there is a blast, like seriously I could not love it more. I'll be sure to tell them you say "Hi." Hahaha I can't believe how big Georgetown Cupcakes is...I mean not in size but in popularity, but they are pretty cool I have to admit. Thanks for commenting that's so awesome that you found this blog.

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