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January 18, 2011



I vote for number three. They were all great though. Thanks for being so creative and short this year. It made it very difficult to select one.


Team 3. Cuz they did leap-frog.


Team one sacrificed the assignment in favor of being overly creative, and you might expect me not to vote for them, knowing how a similar strategy screwed my team over last year. But it made me laugh the most, so they get my vote.


Team 3, they did everything they were supposed to!


Team 3 for sure! They had everything: bonus, super bonus, major points, and a great soundtrack :)


-My vote goes to team 1 for the egregious and audacious level of copyright infringement.

-Impressed with the girls of Team 2 for allowing a camera to film them up close eating copious amounts of greasy food and then putting it on the Internet.

-I'm sorry to hear that Team 3 was made up entirely of mutes.

Simone Finney

Team Three gets my vote for being audacious enough to film the piano and for having the shortest submission. (Tip for subsequent WJCers: the shortest vid will always get my vote.)

Best supporting extra goes to the man in team one's sports bar scene, who seems exceptionally pleased with the DC rendition of the Sorting Hat.

And props to team two for the best collective fashion sense.


My vote goes to Team 2! I loved the entire group's Ben Chili's Bowl experience. But good job to everyone!


I vote team 2!!

Jessica Puente

Team three because they looked like they had the most fun!

Zack (spring 09)

3, for the reasons previously stated by Melanie and Sierra. The fact that you actually played leapfrog in public is awesome.


I always love the scavenger hunt vids!

My vote goes to Group 2.


Team one!!! I loved the creativity. Team three you had a nice soundtrack though.

The Intimidator

Team one. Though I do not understand why only one group actually did the leap frog... so fun


I vote for team 2. I'm highly impressed with how close that camera got to the mouths of everyone eating the half smoke.

Jo Ellen Werking Weedman

I always support my students. I vote for team 2.

Sue "fast-walker" Crider Atkins

Team 3 for truly PACKING your video tour with the sights and sounds of Washington news and history.

See you next week!



Topher Shuttlesworth

I know it doesn't matter anymore, but I vote for whichever team didn't do everything they were supposed to.

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