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Playing catch
Greg and Mimi being adorable
Someone is hungry
Picture time at the picnic.
Enough said.
Everyone was really hungry!
Eating sandwiches at the National Mall
Picnic at the National Mall
Mimi walking gracefully as always
Greg needs some practice
What a pro
Watching the sun begin to set
Working that arm
Enjoying the nice weather.
This is what a food coma looks like
Charlie Brown
WJC Fall 2010!
Group photo at the picnic
Dynamic Duo
Team Asbury!
Team Asbury
Cynthia, Small, Cray-Cray
Team Tennessee
Last Day for Fall 10
Last Day for Fall 10
Whitney, apple
Chris "Topher" Harrell
Jessica and Hannah
WJC Fall 2010
Mimi with her mentees, Whitney and Sierra