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Dinnner at the Supreme Court Cafeteria
Making S'mores at Cosi
WJC Students on the National Mall
Talent Show
A symptom of "Potomac Fever"
At the Lincoln Memorial
The Library of Congress
Tourist family
Reflections III
Reflections II
Reflections I
We have this thing with feet around here...
Or, soak those sore feet.
After a long day of walking, put your feet up.
Walking on the Mall
Making use of the local resources
Blending in with the locals
Hanging out in the Dellenback Center
2005 students at the Museum of the American Indian
A local source
Research Pride
Mark C's comforting touch
What we're all about
The view looking west over the WWII and Lincoln memorials
Flag at Vietnam Memorial
The silent word on abortion
Abortion/Life protest
The blind leading the seeing
Protest march of blind citizens
2005 students...undercover
2005 students
Cara at one with her story (Rolling Thunder)
Rolling Thunder
2005 students on the Metro train
Explaining the game
Popular night spot: Georgetown
Token Males
Heading to Georgetown
Fruit for sale at Eastern Market
Post-caffeine rush
This is the famous--wait, what are they doing again?
Summer Institute of Journalism 2005 group
Lunch on the roof-top deck
2003 group photo
Terry Mattingly and a 2003 WJC student look over the morning paper.
2003 student interviews a Rolling Thunder participant
A perfect replica of the White House. Fits in the palm of your hand.